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Satima Consultants Limited has over the last couple of years opted to maximize its utilization of its human resource thereby identifying highly skilled Associates who are retained based on their availability and on the company needs. It uses modern management approaches of retaining and sourcing human resource by assignment.  This enables her to manage an operational design that accommodates highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of professionals as Associates.  SATIMA’s Associates bring expertise, vibrancy and energy to most of its consulting work .They include:

Jacinta Muteshi (PhD) has over 20 years experience providing intellectual and technical expertise to government, international and national organization spearheading policies and programs for gender equality and most recently leading a mapping study of resource allocations to review the opportunities and challenges presented by the Paris Declaration and the New Aid Modalities from gender perspectives in several African Countries.

Martin Kaumbutho has over 18 years as a media communications consultant. His experience includes development of IEC materials, communication programmes design and implementation, professional audio visual production, public relations and media management. He has served NGO, corporate and government sector organizations in communication consultancy in East and Central Africa. He has expertise in assessing, packaging and profiling transformative interventions around women’s rights, HIV/Aids, poverty and its feminine face with an emphasis to gender sensitivity.
Koki Muli is a lawyer specialized in human rights and refugees’ law but focused her profession on constitutional law, elections, democracy and the rule of law. Koki is currently finalizing her doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, UK. She possesses a degree in Law from the University of Nairobi, a Masters in Law degree from the University of London. She has for the last 16 years been involved in elections especially training of elections administrators, elections observers, and political parties and in the provision including conceptualization and curriculum development of voter education. She has also participated in electoral dispute resolution and elections observation of general elections and by-elections in Kenya and abroad. She has also been providing advisory services on elections matters to different policy makers and governments, most recently in Southern Sudan. She has been involved in reviewing and reforming electoral laws and systems and in constitutional review and reforms. She is the immediate past Executive Director of the Institute for Education in Democracy where she served for six years.
Eva Naputuni Nyoike is an Associate of Satima Consultants Limited. She has also served as a non-Executive Director of Satima Consultants Limited.   Eva is a Special Needs Programme expert working in diverse areas including assessing, creating individualized programs, teaching, placements, teacher training, counseling, daily running of the programme, parent’s workshops and In- service Training. She possesses and MSc Special Education, Walden University and Bachelor of Science in Special Education – Lock Haven University Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  She is currently the Vice Chairperson Special Education Professionals 2002, Director National Autistic Center – Kenya and is a Coordinator – Heads of Special Needs Schools and Units.